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Hilot Massage – klasyczny filipiński

The most popular massage in the Philippines. Ancient healing and relaxation technique used to release accumulated tension in the muscles. Hilot massage combines many techniques such as stroking, grinding, pressure, and even more careful slow impact to remove blockages in the body. This is a very comprehensive massage, wherein the masseur focuses on each muscle, including the parts of the body such as the head, feet and hands. Only this combination ensures the release of the entire body of stress and tension, leaving a feeling of relaxation, as well as pain relief.

In our salon ISLA MASSAGE & SPA massage Hilot already conquered many hearts, bringing relief to people, which have long lost hope for a better mood. We believe, that the secret lies not only in the technique, but also in the professionalism of our masseuses, where the idea is to help the other person. If you are struggling with muscle problems, you have back pain, neck, head, extremity injuries, you're under constant stress – This massage is right for you!

* Massage is performed using massage oil. A choice of massage power (light, average, strong)