Reflexology is already known in ancient Egypt, Method of treatment. It is based on proper massage points on the feet and hands. These points, called reflections, correspond to the human bodies. By working on the relevant reflections therapist helps to reduce and eliminate health problems such patient.: neck pain, stomach aches, stress and many other ailments.
Lon human foot and a thousand nerve ending, that have a direct connection with the brain, and at the same time with all parts of the body, which is perfectly attuned to the Divine miracle works.

Reflexology is going thumb and fingers of the uniform variable compressive force for action, passing in sequence space healthy, sick to your healthy.
In the case of a healthy organism or rate hand do not give a feel painful sensation, and the entire surface is the same. If you find that the visual changes (different skin color, calluses) or regions is causing us pain signals issue.

*Massage using massage oil and warm herbal stamps
A choice of oppression (light, intermediate, strong)